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lalalove you

discovering the treasures of the world
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All Members , Moderated

background information.
this is at heart a picture posting community. the application is just there to weed out the people that might want to clutter up the community with pictures that we wouldn't ever want to see [e.g. pictures from a taking back sunday show or of you looking like the whore that you may or may not be.]

rules & regulations.
obey both mods
all pictures and application must be cut.
other community promotions can be done but under a cut.
at the very least how to do a cut and basic font modifications.
no netspeak, racism, or any -ism of the crap variety.
if you haven't gotten stamped then you can't comment on anything other than your app.
no changing your application after its posted, except for fixing code errors and cuts.

this week's theme:


01 name. age. city. sexuality.
02 job you wish you had :
03 most treasured possession:
04 favorite musician(s) [up to five.]:
05 favorite song from [each of] the above:
06 song to dance to:
07 song to fuck to:
08 pick your poison: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, or all of the above :
09 roadtrip to the beach or staying out all night:
10 suggest a theme idea for next week:
11 how did you find wedance__alone:
12 pictures of yourself. don't be a whore, post less than five. at least two where we can see your face.